Ana Sayfa Bize Ulaşın
Sanatçı İsmine Göre Gözat


You ca n ha ve a lolly pop
A ca ndy ba r a jelly bea n
I will buy you a ra inbow
To ha ng a bove your door
Its pudding time
La ughter is a sweet
You ca nt put a price on
When la ughters a ll gone
Da ddy wont buy you more
Its pudding time
Its pudding time children
Money money money
To buy you things
Da ddys gonna buy you a dia mond ring
Humpty Dumpty sa t on a wa ll
Humpty Dumpty ha d a grea t fa ll
All the kings horses a nd a ll the kings men
Couldnt put Humpty together a ga in
Sa n Fra ncisco ba y the
Striped ba ss a re dying
But you are gonna get
Tha t bra nd new bike
Oh joy
Its pudding time
Its pudding time children.


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