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Ultimate Fakebook - Inside Me, Inside You

Time to fall in, Better listen up,
March along and step to the drum,
Gonna start the battle and light the fire that can see it through,
Its inside me and inside you,
How much of this can we sit through you?
Gonna kick their castle walls down,
Gonna waste em with a landslide,
Gonna fight until not even one of them is left alive,
Inside me and inside you,
So follow me cuz Imsick too.
Oh all of those pretty faces wi will fall under our boots,
Oh theyll al run for cover when they see what we can do,
Oh when I look around I know weve got something to prove,
Oh its inside me and burning inside you.
Lets infest the scene like a killer bee,
Lets see how far this can go,
Make the word ATTRITION a big sticker on your radio,
Inside me and inside you,
If our ears bleed then theirs can too.
Its inside me and inside you,
Believe it and it wi will come true,
Its inside me and inside you,
It can happen if we want it to.


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