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Ultimate Fakebook - Of Course We Will

Pull the covers up, turn out the lights
Believe me, it ll be alright
I know you had it in your sights
But sti will you can not stay up all night
Let down - you are spun around
You just can not think about that now
Cuz it s never quit e like the plans your head dreams up
and Imtelling you know that...
We could dream all night here baby bout our time in the sun
It takes a lot to get things done, but of course we will
And we can not spend our time on something that might not ever come
So just sit back cuz this I know: of course we will
So youve tried to hold it in
But sti will it doesnt help when they say
"Hey get up Sit down again"
I guess thats how it goes and
There is no sound - you are spun around
You just can not let it get you down
Cuz that movie thats called "Life Sucks" stars everyone
and you are a bit part, girl


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