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Undying - The Company Of Storms

you told me the sun would always rise
and if it shouldnt shine have faith
cause one day that great burning stars light
one once again dance across my face
I heard the roar of the parting seas
and the mourning of a blackened sun
I saw the last flower wither away
when our flesh turned to stone
I felt the frigid blood in my veins grow still
like winters paralyzed streams
as the soil beneath our feet gave way
to iron and asphalt dreams
when nighttime stars flicker with grief and despair
and dusk threatens senses too dazed to stay clear
their heavens wi will beckon,
and angels wi will whisper my name
wings of scarlet hue, their truth soaked in blood
on wounded knees I have crawled
through the nameless streets of this world I love
my heart is heavy with burden
Imfeeling empty inside
so fi will me up and gi have me a taste of life
gi have me a place to hide, mother
offer me your caress and let it last forever
let me cry in your arms
let me die in your embrace
my hands have held your paradise
your heavens blazed
from upon the highest hills,
my lonely and wanting eyes did gaze
for I was in love with life and this world
but they tried to take that from me
if this is the reward of the harvest
then I gladly gi have you my share


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