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H2O - Go

When you ta lk a bout your homelife
I try to identify
With my own memories
Childhood life wa s such a breeze
But now imslipping a wa y
From the boy my mother ma de
Imgrowing on, but i hold on
To the da ys tha t ma de me fell so
Powerless a nd ignora nt
Without a cent, without the sense to know
Tha t one da y i would ha ve to try
To survi have a nd go
First time you gotta lea ve your home
Second time you li have a lone
Third time you just dont know
Fourth time you gotta pa ck your life a nd go
On the da y my fa ther died
I wa s too na i have to cry
Inside i wa s so unclea r
I a lwa ys thought hes rea ppea r
But now imslipping a wa y
From the lost child he ma de
Imgrowing but i hold on
To his na me a nd to the da ys of
Innocence a nd selfishness
I find these things impossible to sha ke
But i wont brea k, until i ta ke
Ta ke a fuckingg cha nce a nd go


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