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H2O - Guilty By Association

Six years ago, a very hot summer night, ave a with friends hanging tight
No future, no goals, and no destiny, hanging on the corner
For the world to see
Some friends drunk, some friends high
Laughing talking shit as the people walked by
The air was tense and muggy as fuck, lower east side running amuck
Guilty by association, judged by who I kno w
can not keep all my friends out of trouble
When they got no place to go
Me drug free in the midst of it all
Crazy fucking summer hanging out with madball
People got their ass kicked, people got hurt
But I was accepted for all it was worth
Bad repuations are hard to li have down
Imno t guilty for who I hang around
Sometimes I felt like an outcast, trying to talk my friends out of trouble
Tried to be a positi have role model, but I got caught up in the rumble
We had ideas scribbled on walls, six years later, our destiny calls
Living our lives, some of us in bands
Touring the world, but we kno w where we stand
Cause when we play shows together or just hanging out
Were sti will the same fellas, sti will all tight, young ti will we die
And ready to fight for whats right
As I look back no w on that summer vacation
I realize, I will always be - guilty by association


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