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H2O - Old School Recess

Old School-Recess (4x)
Where did we go so wrong, how did we last so long
All I can think now that were here, is when we gonna have
Some fun can t forget what we were, even if its all a blur
And never forget why were sti will young
And how we all sti will endure
I dont wanna be 13, I only wanna share the scene
All I really want to do is to have Saturday
Everyday for the rest of our lives
Old School-Recess (4x)
When did it come to this, too much of this business
Imnot under no fucking gun
So when we gonna have some fun
Tell me how you got so sad, with all the good times we had
When all you really want is to have Saturday
When you are tired of living in the past - Saturday
When you only want good times to last - Saturday
Everyday for the rest of our lives - old school- recess (4x)


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