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H2O - On Your Feet

Just when you thought you had it made
You had a life your bills were paid
But your heart was numb inside
Abandoned by your foolish pride
And this I know, nothing comes from shallow goals
I have tried and you wi will find, all your riches they come from inside
And here it comes that empty feeling again
I wanna help you out
I wanna make you understand what its about
Imnot just here to be your fairweather friend
Well see this to the end and get you on your feet again
Now that youve lost, you win so much
Now there is only you to trust, with your mind left open wide
First day of the rest of your life
So now you know there is something you can not control
Its ok, your war has died, but the battle sti will goes on outside
Stand up - on your feet


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