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MC Zulu - The Ambassadors

Introducing the ambassadors of Caribbean Culture

We got the East side crowd, bodies in motion
We got the West side crowd, bodies in motion
We got the North side crowd, bodies in motion
We got the South side crowd, Bodies in motion

Your chance, big up the dance even though you never cared a damn about what the rest do
Bad man independent thoughts, individual tunes coming to your rescue
You never learned the moves, but the roots and culture benefitted you tremendous
Well I recommend, just jump in the middle of the crowd, you feel it? alright...

Feel the peace and the love with the people a yard, and their friends abroad for one night
Watch how we deal with the different cultures


Don't chat, don't hand me that about how Dancehall don't make no sense or nothing.
Just step to the riddim groove, feel your body move, Caribbean youth, now we run things
Consider this an invitation but the nation treating it like a threat.
No time for the wickedness, whether you're the best or the worst inna dance don't fret

Some of dem a talk how de gunshot bark, but we handle them with no sweat...
We are the ambassadors, don't forget.


Some youth gonna check this song when the nightlight's dim and the radio's on
Only God knows how far away we coulda send Reggae vibes so strong...
Still, notwithstanding we send our message to these places
No more hatred towards the different races, I'm saying this we got to make the changes

Hear the words I'm saying... Can you feel it? You know the business.
Just take you problems and fling them out the door, you should be dancing across the floor
Open your mind for a while and find your solution



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