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H2O - Thicker Than Water

My family looks out for me like friends
Our story never ends
Weve run into the fire
And somehow water somes to save us
There are so few we can depend on
With blood there is an honor
We behave like we dont care
But its so deep inside
Its more, more than you can see
Its thicker than water
It means more, so much more to me
Its thicker than water
Weve all been struggling since I was three
How happy can we be?
Weve turned some bad times into good
Always knowing where we stood
Now time has led us to the water
We get by on H2O
But remember what is stronger
And we let it flow
It runs so thick inside my viens
Through all the heartache and the pain
And everything I have come to be
Its more than you can see


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