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Mandi Perkins - Who I Am

It's 2a.m.
Don't call here again
I won't pick up the phone

I'm not the same
Don't need to explain
No, I won't change my tone

Fear my independence
Feel paralyzed

So you're waiting for a bough
To break and crush me?
Your insecurity causes me to
Have to break away
Break away
From you

I don't think I can take anymore
Tomorrow comes and we've been here before
I should've seen the revolving door
This is not, this is not
Who I am, who I am

It's 8p.m.
This is the end
I know you'll miss my face
But you won't bend
And I won't break
I'm not easily replaced

I fear your agenda
You feel justified

So you're waiting for my first
Big break to find me
Where was your loyalty?
What did you want from me?
I had to break away
Break away from you


Who I am is who I've been
You never changed anything
Where I go
I'll go for me
You can't take credit
For what they see


Who I am is who I've always been
You never changed anything

It's who I am


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