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The Less - Where You Want To Be

How are you?
Is it just another day
Another way to hide your face
And hope that they don't find you?
Where are you?
Are you going to make a move
Or take a step, Or leave a mark
Create a legacy or two?

Come on you
Got to act now,
Got to move now, got to go
Come on you know
It's time for you to glow

Don't you wait, don't you wait.
Are you where you want to be?
Are you where you want to be?
Don't you think, don't you think?
You could open up and see.
Are you where you want to be?

How are you?
Are you living for today?
Forget the yesterdays and
Yesterways that confine you.
Come on you know
Somebody's on your side
You and I will learn to fly
It's what we were meant to do

It's a new day
There is a way to make it through


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