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Drew Ryan Scott - Why Not Me

Should've stayed should've gone
Should've asked don't wanna know
Who are you thinkin' bout [x2]
Should'nt kiss shouldn't tell
Shouldn't have without farewell
What are you thinkin' bout [x2]

What is it that keeps me hanging on
To every word you say
What is it that keeps me holding on

Because you're stuck in my head like my favorite song
You put the scene on pause it still plays on
It's chapter 3 it's hard to breathe the words are slowly fading
Stop and go in a rush on a busy street
Bumper to bumper this empty seat
Without you here I get nowhere I ask why not me

Could've been could've had
How could you do that and I look back
Who are you thinkin' bout [x2]
You couldn't wait and you couldn't breathe
You couldn't be sharing the same dream as me
Who are you thinkin' bout [x2]


I wouldn't lie I wouldn't cheat on you
I wouldn't do all the things that you do
I would never give your love away
So when you look in the mirror as I pass you by
You see yourself a lonely cry
Take a harder look to see what's inside
Why not me

[Chorus x2]


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