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FunkyJahPunkys - Our Time Now

Forces keep pushing me along
As my road keeps winding on
Troubles, yeah, they shall come
But I, I, I shall not run
Sometimes my body, it does fall
But my spirit keeps lifting up
On my wings, flying on love
On these winds of dreams & luck

Soaring now through my days
I'm not worrying about the pain
Trying to live out my life
I'm not concerned by all the strife
No not complaining, no not at all
No not a victim of your circumstance
No not a victim, not a victim at all
I'm just a soul, dancing life's dance

Climbing up now with all the stars
I am free from all their bars
Making my moves now, on my own
Dancing to my very own tone
Stereotypes you know, they hold you down
Got to keep an open mind
Grow your smile, from your frown
Grow your life from your time


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