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Smokey Robinson And The Miracles - I Can't Stand To See You Cry

Your love is so precious and rare-iful.
I realize that when you're not around.

I've seen many guys,
Taking advantage of you, love.
They misuse your kindness,
As a weakness too.

No longer can I stand back,
And watch your life fill with pain.
I seen it too many times,
Tryin' to smile and keep the tears?

I can't stand to see you cry.
I love you too much,
That's why.
'Cause your love is so precious and rare-iful,
I realize that you when you're not around.
[End chorus]

Oh, I share the pain,
For the hurt,
You have been through.
I hate myself for silently?, now,
Words that could've been your cure.

So now I'd like to step right in,
Please, confess your love of me.
And my reward,
For your faith,
Will the be joy in your eyes, I see.

'Cause baby,

Ohhhh, now, now, now, now...

I'm gonna be broke,
Another life that's true, baby.
Because that's how serious,
I am in wanting you.

So place your loving trust,
In these hands of mine.
And I'm gonna never?
And together happiness we'll find.



I can't...
I can't...

[Chorus to fade]


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