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From Our Hands - The Ransom

Sometimes you get this feeling
Sometimes you know it's right
None of you shrinks can help me
I am on a rampage tonight
Sometimes you're waiting for your inspiration
Sometimes you're staring at the land with distance
With perfection

What are you waiting for
This is your chance to fight
What are you waiting for
Now it is your time to shine

Just like the bullet shot out of a gun
Turning everything to dust
I hope you won't be humiliated
Hope you won't be shocked
I'll cut you like a knife
I'll blow you fucking hard
Don't try to stop me I'm the ransom for mankind

Your braveles resurrection
Was just a misconstruction
Take it well, take it sober, take it however you want
Here comes the disconnection

I don't get your apologies
All those things are so completely worthless


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