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Calling - Were Forgiven

Well I would like to think
The world hasnt seen
That all the best is sti will to come,
And I know life aint easy.
I pass them sleeping on the streets
Their bloodstained hands and dirty feet
And I can not ignore them
Any more then I already have
Chorus :
So we laugh, and we smile
and we play our games of sweet denial
But dont tell me were forgiven
I f we hold, all our breath
I f we kneel right down and just repent
You can not tell me were forgiven
Start with me
I cannot lie
When my heart doesnt fallow my eyes
Turn away from all the suffering
That surrounds
Our time on this earth
For some their life has been a curse
I say I m sorry and I should change
You know it just could be me someday
There is no way out of here
I dont want to die, and leave it all behind
Each day part of me disappears
But whomI to judge, whats been sent from above
We can not laugh
We can not smile
When so much just aint right
I t can not go on forever...
I f we hold, our breath
I f we kneel down and repent
You can not tell me were forgiven, no,
You can not tell me were forgiven


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