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Cannibal Corpse - Addicted To Vaginal Skin

A relapse of my body
Sends my mind into multiple seizures
Psychologically a new human being
One that has never been
Cursed by the shaman his voodoo spell has my soul
My limbs go numb
I can not control my own thought
Are his now
his evil consuming me
ever telling me
begin the clit carving
Slowly turning me, into a flesh eating zombie
Knowing this spell can only be broken
by the vaginal skins of young women
I proceed to find the meat
their bleeding cunts wi will set me free
Warmth seeping from this
After I sucked the blood from her ass
I feel more ali have
more ali have than I have ever been
Even though now Imdead within
My mouth drools
As I slice your perinium
My body smeared
With the guts I have extracted
through her hole, came swollen organs
cunnilingus with the mutilated
My spirit returned from the dead
Released by the priest
but I felt more real
when I was dead
The curse is broken
I have a dependence on vaginal skin
Its become my sexual addiction
I must slit, the twitching clit
Rotted cavity hold the juice
Between the legs, I love to carve
My cock is dripping with her blood


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