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Crazy Town - Toxic

Ca tch a fire, Fire it up
Corrupt stirring it up
Its buring hot, drifing
Hitting every slot
With a drop kick ,
Its toxic
Trouble, like your girl in a mosh pit
I have lost it
And tha t the only wa y tha t we rock shit
Ba nging hea ds a nd ripping threa ds
If i wa snt rocking shows
Id be better of dea d
With a one two
One word ca n destroy your whole crew
And tha ts toxic
Toxic, loud a nd a bnoxious
Cra zy Towns toxic
With tha t, rock your block Shit
Toxic, popping more lip
We love to ta lk shit
Rocking you block with tha t
stright out the block shit
A budda , bla stic
Bla cklisted. twisted of fa ith
My voca ls fa ta l
As na ughty v block concotions
Rock youe cra del
I thought I wa it til The timeing wa s right
To inginte
Ca use people like me
we only come out a t night
I rock the ma in line
And pa rty with fine bitches
Which is a dirty job
But somebodys got to do it
So, who the crew with?
More ha s tha n vivid
Lyrics explicit
So fuck the crities
We lea ve them ha nging
like INXS.
Toxic threa sholds of
Colomibia n gold
You ca nt roll how we roll
We possess you soul
And push the pa nic
Is it godly or sa ta nic?
Toxic or orga nic?
Ma nic minds refind or fra ntic
Just the wa y we pla nned it
See. we be stomping a round The pla net
And we sta nd a lone
We inflitra te your chromosomes
No clone
Our DNA ha s got a stra in
Of its own And its Toxic


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