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Sanatçı İsmine Göre Gözat

Nana Mouskouri - O Waly Waly

Down in the meadows the other day

A-gath-ring flowers both fine and gay

A-gath-ring flowers,both red and blue

I little thought what love could do

I leaned my back against an oak

Thinking it was a trusty tree

But first he bended,then he broke

So did my love prove false to me

Must I be bound, oh, and he go free?

Must I love one that don't love me ?

Why should I act such a childish part?

And love a man that will break my heart ?

There is a ship sailing on the sea

She's loaded deep as deep can be

But not so deep as the love I'm in

I care not if I sink or swim

Oh, love is sweet, and love is fine

And love is charming when it's true

As it grows old, it grows cold

And fades away like the morning dew


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