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Helloween - Warrior

Blackened sky a final flash
Death is in the air
Warriors without a face
Destruction everywhere
Silent falls the hammer
Noone hears the cries
No escaping from this hell
Your prayers wont be die
Brainless cruel commanders
Sending death and pain
Soldiers only robots
Fight for their life in vain
Die now die warrior
Die now die warrior
Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
Who hold your fate in hands
Playin chess and you are the loser
you are a small pawn in their game
Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
And they dont realise
A war without survivors is a fight
Thats never die
Barren land desolate waste
Destruction is complete
Survivors creeping thru the ruins
Decaying flesh and meat
Somewhere in a shelter
Some pigs are sti will ali have
And sti will they play the game
They dont gi have a die


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