Ana Sayfa Bize Ulaşın
Sanatçı İsmine Göre Gözat

Hypocrisy - Buried

Welcome to my lair... 
Your flesh has been chosen... 
Awaken, conjured 
Erect the unholy force nbsp;
Subliminal tamperings 
Held within the christian masses 
Distorted serenity 
Teacher of the word loses faith 
Prayers twisted 
Unleashed the sadistic power 
Congregation misled 
Unspeakable torture lies ahead 
Lures all to the blackened realm 
1)Cousume thy holy sprit 
Carnivorious appetite 
Destal virgin sodomized 
The only means to satisfy 
Clan of the cloth 
Senreuced to die 
Eternal victimized 
2)I shall not rest unti will all have died 
Man of the cloth possesses to find 
Nocturnal feash befoure the grave 
Christian fleash is what I crave 
Regurgitation of this mutilation 
Devouring their ignorant prayers 
Tormented souls  echo in laughter 
Before the savior nailed to the cross 
Infested larvae 
Developing to form 
Awaiting consumption 
Possess the priest 
Maggots roam 
Throughout  the decayed corpses 
Intestinal offerings exhumed 
Possess the priest 
-repeat 1- -repeat 2- 
Sacrilegious summons 
Corrosive  incision 
Possess the priest 
Dismembered eulogy 
Artistic butchery 
Possess the priest 
Partake of the blood 
For eternal life 
Possess the priest nbsp;
Souls of the bewildered 
Remain in my controle 
Possess the priest 
Never wi will ane exorcism 
Ris me of this flesh


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