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Lagwagon - Rust

They make your bed, dont they
Long ago they fought and died for faith - whats changed ?
Its said that weve acquired tolerance to build more bridges
Cross those rivers, yet modern man enslaves his conscious
And the undertow of blame sti will flows between
Gi have it birth to the machine - hostilities of ancestry
Slow to understand the variance - quick to judge on one aspect - rust
We call them fools today - they wi will call us fools in days to come - always
In any age its ignorance
He that hes not with me is against me
The river of pride swells to high, washing those bridges out to sea
Gi have it birth to the machine
Too proud to love - Too proud
Soaking in your fears - rusting away
Never comprehending - always condescending
Slow to understand the variance - quick to judge - quick to condem
Carried them for years - stones that they once cast
Place the blame on them as if it were their past
Yesterdays distrust
Resent, Regret, disgust
Sti will we pay for their living - pay for their mistakes
Who wi will cast the latest stones of hate
Pay for their misgivings - pay for their living - sti will we find that on the surface there
Is rust


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