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Madball - Lockdown

Dont ask me nomore questions
Just get out of my face
I told you I know nothing
Imleaving this fucked up place
you are trying to take my freedom for
Something that I havent done
Imnot a fucking rat
So just go fuck yourself
Justice, justice
That word dont mean nothing to you
Fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you and your system too
Youve ruined my life
There is no turning back now
If I dont rat I will never get out
I know nothing, thats not
what Imabout
You locked me up an innocent man
Because I got some pride
I got some pride
can not you see what youre
doin to me
Locked me down when I should be free
I have done no wrong
Iman innocent man
You dont gi have a fuck
You wi will never understand


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