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28 Days - Friends

why do we bother sometimes
why not gi have this shit up
were meant to be friends but we
can not let our guard down for too long
we value our friends hip so highly
but too easily forgotten
when we want what we want
we were so tight when we were seventeen
what fucking happend thats what I want to know
I think weve lost touch with
what our friends hips really all about
or maybe things have changed
people do thats cool we can work it out
now we are older and stronger
and more our own men
just a little confused cause we dont understand
why we can not hangout forever like the old days
our friends hip was real it couldnt
have been just a phase the conflict we feel
in fact is just confussion cause it feels
like you went and changed it
wasnt me it wasnt you its all and illusion
happens to us all its just not that strange
I thought we were meant to be friends


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