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Roy Hamilton - Pledging My Love

Forever my darling,
Our love will be true.
Always and forever,
I'll love only you.

Just promise me, darling,
You'll love in return.
Makes this fire in my soul, dear,
Forever burn.

My heart's at your commanding,
To keep, love, and to hold.
Making you happy is my desire, dear.
Keeping you is my goal.

I'll forever love you,
For the rest of my days.
I'll never part from you,
And your lovin' ways.
[End Chorus]

Because you have given me,
A love that life can never tide.
And because you have placed your hand into my,
Heaped up heart,
And removed all doubt and fear,
And because I know that even the eternal farewell,
Shall be robbed of half it's bitterness,
When spoken through lips that breathe,
Love to the last sigh.
I love you just because God made you mine.



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