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12 Stones - Stay

I walk to the edge again, searching for the truth
Taken by the memories of all that i have been
If i could hear your voice i know that i would be
I know that i have been wrong but imbegging you
To stay, wont you stay
Wi will you be here for wi will i be alone, wi will i be
Scared, you wi will teach me how to be strong and if i
Fall down wi will you help me carry on, i cannot do
This alone
I wish that i could turn back time just to have
One more chance to be the man i need to be, i
Pray you wi will understand if i could hear your
Voice i know that i would be okay i know that ive
Been wrong but imbegging you to stay, wont
You stay
I need your hand to help me make it through
Nothing compares to how i feel when i look at
You never know, you never know tomorrow
You never know, you never know tomorrow, dont
Walk away
Imnot alone i know you are there


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