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13 Winters - Cold, Dark, Empty

I have tried to love.
But it ends up breaking.
I have given my heart.
Its gotten stomped upon.
Crucify my emotions
Doing it in front of everyone.
Tears may shed,
But inside Imforever dead.
Cold, Dark, Empty
You wonder why Imthe way I am.
Maybe you are the one to make me this way.
Youve tried to seep into me.
Wondering if there is sti will love inside?
The day is done.
And darkness Falls
As I walk into the night.
I know that I lost you
I know that it is over.
I know it s true,
were through.
Thinking Imdepressed.
I once was but no more
No one to gi have me the attention I needed.
I gained a giant hole.
Sadness for months painted on my face.
I stay wit hin complete silence.
Sharing nothing wit h no one.
Who wants to hear what I have to say?
Cold, Dark, Empty


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