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1349 - Blood Is The Mortar

And then we ba ck them down
Soulbound-huma n heid
Wa lking in the sha dow of hell
At the ha nds of a sa dist
Ca st into pa ndemic yea rs
Into utter night
Into da rkness a bsolute
Bring them into fire
Stra p them down a mong the bones
Heided to the sla ughter
Through a ma ggot coa ted world
Through a tunnel of knives
Like a n a ngel in a devils den
Cra wling out of the slime
(you) insectoid vermin
Bound upon the wheel of hell
See your neck upon the bla des
Into utter da rkness
Into impurity a nd ha te
Ma ssa cre a da rk pa ra dise
Blood is the morta r
Forged upon bones of dea th
Inferna l eterna l infa my
Blood is the morta r
La y wa ste this world in bla sphemy
Through ha sty pilla rs of green light
Through clouds of ca rrion flies
Let the world see me dra g you to hell
And your soul wrenched from your body
It fills my hea rt with fury
Like a storm of brooding doom
To relish in the bloodspill
Worship your own butchers
Rising piles of the dea d
From a top a mounta in of skulls
Soulbound huma n heid
Dea thma ss in necrotic delights
Inhuma n ritua l tormentors
Rising in full ma jesty
Thirst for retribution
Spikes driven into flesh
Into utter da rkness
Into a violent storm of dea th


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