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200 North - Barely Breathing

Barely breathing, watching the sky
Imslowly waiting for an answer
I woke up to find the things Imsearching for wi will never make me human
Black skies circle,
I have to take control
I have to break the cycle
If one thing confines me,
I have to blame myself there is no one left to blame but me
The truth can ruin lives,
the truth can ruin everything
Imlooking forward now,
Imforgetting everything
I hope I have the heart to try and fail
I have received this life and I will defend it with valor
I have received this life and I can not take it for granted
How can we li have destined to fail when I can barely breath
We have a choice, its in our hands
Wi will we stand firm or wi will we wilt with age
These thoughts have plagued me for so long
That I have confused my thoughts for reality
We search for things we can not attain
Money kills status fades and when we wake up well be dead


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