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Jamisonparker - Best Mistake

I chronicled the days you made me want to live.
Memorized the way that it felt
and then i turned it into this kiss.
Tonight imwearing my best smile
and hope to make me worth your while.
I will be the best mistake you wi will ever make.
From the lack of sleep and the blood shot eyes,
To the nervous kiss and the butterflies.
Does this make any sense at all?
She said, (she said) she said
"Where imsleeping and imnot breathing,
If this means anything at all, i wont let your leave me anymore."
If this holds it s significance.
I have the hearse follow the ambulance.
No medicine exists to make my lungs work again.
I shake and burn like an addict.
My hearings dead, on the static.
If i said your smiles all that mattered,
would you save my life?
Theyre not sleepin
and imnot breathin
If this means anything at all
Dont let me leave you anymore.


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