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Jimi Hendrix - Exp

Announcer: Good evening, la dies a nd gentlemen.
Welcome to ra dio sta tion EXP.
Tonight we a re fea turing a n interview
with a very peculia r looking gentlema n
who goes by the na me of Mr. Pa ul
Corusoe on the dodgy subject of a re
there or a re there not flying sa ucers
or UFOs? Plea se Mr. Corusoe, plea se
could you gi have us your rega rded
opinion on this nonsense a bout
spa ceships a nd even spa ce people?
Mr. Corusoe: Tha nk you As you well know
you just ca nt believe everything you
see a nd hea r, ca n you? Now, if you will
excuse me, I must be on my wa y.
Announcer: Bu...but,but...gulb...I,I,dont beli have it
Mr. Corusoe: Pffffttt...Pop...Ba ng...Etc?


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