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Jimi Hendrix - Hey Baby

Hey baby where are you coming from?
Well she looked at me and smiled
And looked into space and said "Imcoming from the land of the new rising sun."
Then I said "Hey baby where are you trying to go to?"
Then she said "Imgoing to
Spin and spread around peace of mind and a whole lotta love to you and you
Hey girl Id like to come along
Yes, Id love to come along
Would you like to come along? She asked me
Yes take me along right now
Hey baby, can I step into your world for a while?
Yes you can, she said
Come on back with me for a while
Were gonna go across the Jupiter sand and see all you people one by one
We gotta help you people out right now
Thats why Imdoing it all about
Hey Yeah, may I come along?
May I come along?
May I come along? Yeah, yeah
Please take me


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