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Jimi Hendrix - The Story Of Life

The story of Jesus
so easy to explain
After they crusified him,
a woman, she claimed his name
The story of Jesus
the whole bible knows
went all across the desert
and in the middle, he found a rose
There should be no questions
there should be no lies
He was married ever happily after
All the Tears we cry
No use in arguing
all the use to the man that moans
When each man falls in battle,
his soul it has to roam
Angels of heaven
flying sausers to some,
made Easter Sunday
the name of the rising sun
The story is written
by so many people who dared,
to lay down the truth
to so very many who cared
to carry the cross
of Jesus and beyond
We wi will guide the light
this time with a woman in our arms
We as men
can?t explain the reason why
the woman?s always mentioned
at the moment that we die
All we know
is God is by our side,
and he says the word
so easy yet so hard
I wish not to be alone,
so I must respect my other heart
Oh, the story
of Jesus is the story
of you and me
No use in feeling lonely,
I?m you searching to be free
The story
of life is quicker
than the wink of an eye
The story of love
is hello and goodbye
Until we meet again


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