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28 Days - Rise Above

the sky is grey bordem kicks in again
I dont know if I will ever win
Imnot sure if its worth it
I will just have to wait and see
surrounded by people I dont understand
trying to do my best I have got a plan
putting me to the test Imnot alone
its sti will all up to me
I will rise above and I will look down
it all seems so miniscule
I will riducule the problems that
towered over me
all I want to know is how to love myself
I have had money keep your material wealth
seems like security
just you wait and see
sometimes I bomb I want to gi have it up
people suck I feel it building up
why dont you let me be?
do you want a piece of me?
I will step back and take
anot her look see I mistook
I could not see the forest for the trees


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