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The Promise Drive - Your Name Here

I think of everyone that I'm gonna miss.
My photographs and memories.
I think of everything I've left behind.
Will you think of me when I'm gone?

The shadows and the outlines of the trees against the moonlit sky
Aren't helping me to stay awake.
Twenty miles back from the show to my house where I'll be welcomed home by darkness
And my pile of sheets
Strewn across the floor.

Now that things will never be the same I wonder
If I will regret the decisions I have made.
You always said I could be anything I wanted,
But now I've grown up
And it seems your mind has changed.

Driving down the interstate with all my closest friends
Asleep in the back seat.
Headlights fade in the distance.
A radio tower flashes as the engine sings a lullaby to me

I'll be home in september.
You'll never stop me now.
Just another 500 miles following these center lines to you.


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