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1208 - Pick Your Poison

Running from yourself like you are stranded
And now you are exactly where
You never thought you would be
In the dark without a light to guide you
What once was a breath
Is now a gasp to survive
You left so much behind
So many questions unanswered
The othe r side
The crash to the burn
The fingers that picket
For your solid satisfaction
Belong to the hands
Wrapped around your neck so tight
You li have today, Without a care
Tomorrow wi will come and I will sti will be here
I gave myself to you and you left me with lies
And there wi will come a time when you have so much
But the res so little that you can touch
And sti will I consider you a friend
For every temporary sucker
Thats in place
That you need
Is anothe r cry
For you to return
Youve been the re
Youve been square
But nothing in between
Now its time to find those
Who are looking for you tonight
Its hard to accept
But the res people that dont care
In a world so cold
And the y seem unfair
But youve got to realise
You have a purpose
And its not through your nose
That you can see the light
When I was scared
You picked me up
You told me never to forget
That I will be there by your side
So here I am
Weve gone too far
And its been a long time
Since weve been at peace
We followed a part
But I sti will know
That behind the mask
Is a familiar face
Its you


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