Ana Sayfa Bize Ulaşın
Sanatçı İsmine Göre Gözat

1349 - Necronatalenheten

Welcome to where the dead things are
Flesh fresh from the womb
Sti will warm, sti will kicking, sti will life..
The grief in the eyes of those who remain
the shadow of death is filling the room
where the voice of life is put to sleep
the sun must pass the darkness rules
where the angel of death claims its sacrifices
an institution of death
no life here only death is real
feeling no presence only the stench of death
no escaping by life only by death
As the new-born, still-born is put away
seven babies for the beast
dissecting, selecting the best pieces
Boiling the fat away
Gleaming bones in disturbing shapes
I shape with henzied precision
Hungering for perfection
I create science and madness
I reveal the secrets of the flesh.


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