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100 Demons - So Alone

can not li ve wi thout you you are my savi ng grace
you helped me keep my sani ty
when i was struggli ng you were by my si de
you helped me face reali ty
the lust i had for you nearly drove me i nsane
i managed to walk away but doubt i ll ever be the same
you are my one true love for now and forever
and when i have you i n my arms can not feel the pai n i m sti ll bi tter
i feel so alone - youve sucked the li fe out of me
i m already dead i just dont know i t yet
because you stole my heart a love i can not forget
slowly dyi ng when wi ll i go
i wi sh i was dead i feel so alone
your just a memory a twi st of fate from god above
when i li e awake at ni ght i ts you i crave - i ts you i love
the pai n i t burns i nsi de i suffer everyday
sti ll ali ve wi shi ng i was dead li ke chri st at the stake


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